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We all long for a place that honors our experience and connects us with other women in celebrating our unique journeys. At Crone: Women Coming of Age, we believe that the experience of aging is rich with spiritual meaning. That's why we have created a unique magazine that honors our deep wisdom as eldering women.

Open to women of all spiritual paths, Crone is a richly-illustrated, advertising-free 128-page magazine published twice yearly in both paper and PDF eZine formats and available by subscription only. Join our circle by subscribing today!

Welcome to Crone Magazine

Mission Statement
Crone: Women Coming of Age explores the gifts and concerns of women who seek to fully embrace Earth’s cycles of life and death and transformation. We honor the wisdom of long experience and the compassion an open heart.

About Us
Our readers are women who identify with a new, yet very ancient way of growing older and who wish to help effect a cultural change that will return wise elders to their natural and honored place in society.

Crone magazine, launched at the Fall Equinox, 2008, is the successor magazine to Crone Chronicles: a Journal of Conscious Aging, which ran from 1989 through 2001. Whereas the purpose of Crone Chronicles was to help activate the crone archetype within contemporary culture, Crone magazine assumes that this activation has taken place. For more and more women, the word “crone” is no longer scary: thousands of women now self-identify as crones.

This magazine will explore what that means, in all our infinite variety. Who are we; how are we living; what are our visions; what is our work—our service to society? What are crone circles and how do we create them? How are we working with significant others, if any; what is our relationship to money, to the earth, to our grandchildren, to the community at large. What does “crone action” look like? Should we organize for cultural change?

Our magazine exists to spread the message of Crone: that we need not lose value over time, indeed, that when we assume the mantle of crone, we gain value—both inside ourselves and in the larger world. This value is proportionate to our capacity to learn from our experience, For when we truly learn from experience, our perspective on life deepens and broadens; and our hearts, having known both suffering and forgiveness open in compassion for all of life.

Our readership includes women (and some men) of any age who respect and honor the crone archetype as the third aspect of the Triple Goddess—Maiden, Mother, Crone—as she reveals herself within the third stage of life. We also assume that some younger women, and even young girls, can be crone, old and wise beyond their years. And we realize that many women, no matter how old, may have not yet activated the crone within themselves. If you feel a connection with our subject matter—the ancient female energy stirring within you—then we welcome your submissions to our pages.

Publication details: Crone Issues #1, #2, #3 and #4 are sold out in the printed edition, but available as a digital download for your PDF reader, pad or computer. Crone issue #5 is now in the editing stage and will be available in either as a traditional magazine by mail or as a digital PDF download. You can subscribe to Crone or pre-order a single paper copy at the .